We Build Better CrossFit Websites. Designed to meet the needs of your modern gym.

On-demand support and efficient servicing will never leave your gym out to dry. Updates, changes, and hassle-free hosting.

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We help you build a STRONGER brand and gain more members.

With call to action buttons in the right place and working with your system in the best way possible, we'll guide new visitors to signing up with your gym easily.

Our modern website designs will be sure to attract and keep members more involved than ever before.

Our support and servicing is always available.

With same-day support and small website update responses within 24 hours you'll never deal with unresponsive developers or support again! And hassle-free hosting won't let you down.

We'll set you up for success with easy to post WOD's, blogs, and personalized features for your gym.

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Basic Build

$0 Setup Cost

  • New website setup within 10 days, keep your existing site if you don't love what we build for you!
  • 10 website pages or less
  • Modern theme web design
  • Use your existing website content

$60/mo Support

  • Hosting provided
  • 1 hour of support and minor updates per month ($35/hr after)
  • Weekly website backups
  • *required with initial setup

Premium Custom Build

$1,000 Setup Cost

  • Completely custom design and built just for your gym, focusing on what you need most
  • Advanced integration of third party apps and service your gym uses
  • Any custom features and content updates you'd like, we'll build out features to help your gym grow!

$100/mo Support

  • Unlimited support, minor updates, and changes.
  • Analytics report emailed to you weekly to track your site's interaction and growth
  • All features that are already provided in the basic setup
  • *required with initial setup

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We integrate with a variety of apps and services your gym may be using, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any down time during the switch to your service?
We build your new site on our own servers (yourgym.wodtoweb.com) before uploading to your current gym url, so when switching to our service the down time is very minimal. It will only be the amount of time that the domain settings take to propogate, this is usually between 1hr-24hrs - depending on the domain registrar.
What happens to my old website when switching to WODtoWeb?
We build the new website on our own servers, this does not interfere with your current website. Once we have completed your new site we will ask for your permission to change the domain name settings to direct to our hosting and new site. We will keep the old files for your previous website uploaded on the hosting account should you ever need to switch back. We would also suggest you backup the old website should you ever need to return to it.
Does my WODtoWeb subscription cover hosting?
Yes, your monthly supscription will cover hosting your website. You only need to supply the cost of your domain name.
Does my WODtoWeb subscription cover an email account?
For an additional $50 on setup we can setup with the business email service of your choice. We do not cover the cost of the business email provider (ie: gmail charges $5/user per month for business email - user@yougymdomain.com). The reasoning behind this is private email setup with the hosting service is often fickle and an application many users have not had experience with. We would suggest using business email with a more established provider such as gmail, zoho, or yahoo.
Will my Google search rankings be affected?
SEO rankings are extremely important for driving new and existing business to your gym. Changing your website content can have an affect on the placement of your gym in google search results. We do our best to make our sites reflect the pages and url's of your old site to use your established search rankings. We also make sure each page is as efficient and crawlable by Google and other search engines as possible. Your rankings will likely stay very similar or increase in awareness, but we cannot guarantee that will always be the case. If you choose to change your domain name to a different url your search results will certainly be affected.
How can I post workouts or news for my gym on a regular basis?
We typically integrate each site with the Wordpress content management system, where you will be able to post and change this type of information. It will get formatted neatly and styled cleanly into your new WODtoWeb website. If you have not previously used Wordpress we can guide you through the easy to use interface and system.
How does billing work?
Upon ordering a website we will bill you for half of the setup cost. Once that invoice has been paid we will begin work on your new WODtoWeb site. When we are ready to launch your new website we will bill you for the other half of the initial setup cost and first month's subscription cost.
How can I adjust my subscription or request changes?
To request changes or adjustments to your website or to cancel your subscription with us please email specifics and the related content to info@wodtoweb.com